About us

Service with Service is a 35-year-old business offering process serving, field calls and skip tracing.

Collectively, we are among the most sought-after process servers and field agents in the country, with over 360 clients across Australia, most of which are law firms.

Process serving

A process server can deliver legal or formal documents such as debt notices and court summons. If you need a legal document served, call us today as we can assist immediately.

Our licensed panel of process servers are regularly reviewed and audited allowing you to feel confident that your documents will be served quickly and cost effectively.

SWS has been process serving for over 35 years and use a range of techniques to achieve success in even the most difficult situations.

Field calls

A field call is when a debt collection agent goes to the debtor’s location to confirm their address, discuss the implications involved of not paying their debt, and to arrange to have the debt paid on the spot or via an approved arrangement.

A field call from a trained and licensed debt collector shows the debtor that your company is taking the outstanding debt seriously and doesn’t intend to write it off.

Our agents follow a 9 step process when making a field call:

  • Confirm the debtor’s address
  • Serve any demand letters or notices to the debtor
  • Confirm debtor’s contact phone numbers
  • Interview the debtor regarding their financial situation
  • Demand payment of arrears and make arrangements for future payments
  • Evaluate debtor’s assets for potential litigation
  • Report on condition of the debtor’s property including any security held
  • If debtor has left the address, interview neighbours and commence skip tracing procedures
  • Report back to the client regarding any assets such as motor vehicles

Skip tracing / location inquiries

Inevitably, some debtors will avoid contact through changing address, not answering the phone or changing contact numbers. With debt stress so prevalent, more debtors are moving on or “skipping” on their obligations. SWS has a number of tools to locate such debtors.

Database searches

SWS will carry out several specific database searches on behalf of a client. These typically include:

• Title searches to confirm a property’s registered owner(s) and;
• Company searches that confirm whether a company is still operating, its business address and details of the company’s directors.

Private investigation

Where preliminary enquiries have been exhausted, we engage our team of private investigators.
For more information about our investigatory services, email info@swsaustralia.com.au or call us on 02 8216 0426.


Our experienced agents have the proven capacity to negotiate the handing over of security assets or the payment of arrears. SWS agents adhere to the ASIC/ACCC Debt Collection Guidelines when conducting field activities, and are trained in the areas of privacy legislation, the Uniform Consumer Credit Code and the Federal Trade Practices Act which all have a potential impact on the way repossessions can be achieved.

We provide our clients with high level of service and ensure they are fully informed throughout the recovery process. A comprehensive inspection report is compiled and digital photos are taken at the time of repossession. Clients can rest assure that our tow contractors are under contract, and carry all relevant insurances and the asset is delivered to the nominated storage point as soon as possible.