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Service with Service

  • Process Serving

    SWS offers process services for all legal documents. We guarantee a prompt, efficient service locally and nationally.

  • Skip Tracing

    SWS is fully aware of the requirements of the Privacy Act when skip tracing and adheres strictly to the Act’s guidelines.

  • Field Calls

    Field Calls are conducted in accordance with strict regulatory and internal compliance guidelines, providing an effective tool in the recovery process.

  • Private investigation

    Where preliminary enquiries have been exhausted, we engage our team of private investigators.

  • Repossessions

    Our experienced agents have the proven capacity to negotiate the handing over of security assets or the payment of arrears.

Service with Service is a 35-year-old business offering process serving, field calls and skip tracing. Collectively, we are among the most sought-after process servers and field agents in the country, with over 360 clients across Australia, most of which are law firms.